Goodmorning all

only English please!

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Goodmorning all

Beitragvon Manolis » Fr Nov 22, 2013 10:23

I found this forum accidently while googling something i don't even remember cause i was
so stoked when i found out i could watch a hospitality forum while excercising my german language.
In a month i will be working in the Austrian Alps for the winter season and i need to freshen
my german language a little bit.
I will try to participate in the german forum as much as possible if you are not annoyed by my poor german

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Re: Goodmorning all

Beitragvon franken » Di Aug 19, 2014 13:09

Hey Manolis,

so how was your job in the Austrian Alps last winter ?

Maybe you'd like to share a short story about it here.

I think maybe some people are interested in finding out more about jobs like that.


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