Foreigner chances to study Hotelfachfrau in Deutschland

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Foreigner chances to study Hotelfachfrau in Deutschland

Beitragvon Naivelady » Do Sep 15, 2011 13:17

Hello Everyone,

I'm 22 Asian Girl currently living in the Southern part of Germany. I'm a new member here as well as new in Germany. I created a profile here hoping to gain more information regarding "Hotelfachfrau" as an Ausbildung.

I'm currently attending my A2 language course. My English skills is not so fluent compare to those who been to a University. Next year I'm planning to do an Ausbildung and my first option is to take Hotelfachfrau. I have Secondary Certificacte and 1 Year in University (undergraduate)

What chances I got to be able to be qualified as an auszubildende as Hotelfachfrau?

If I didn't have chance to take hotelfachfrau as an Ausbildung, would you care to give me ideas in what fields of education do you think I am cappable of?

Thank you very much for those who spend thier time replying my post.


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